Action Replay

Action Replay

Action Replay is a practical tool that enables facilitators, coaches, assessors and trainers to gather and analyse patterns of interpersonal interaction.

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Decide what data you want to capture in relation to the group you’re about to observe, then create a menu that supports this. Work at the level of general group behaviour or focus in on selected interactions.


Use your existing iPad contacts list, or the built-in camera, to create a map of your group and the space they are working in. If members move position you can instantly adjust this on the screen.


As observation begins you can work unobtrusively to link individuals in the group to interactions on the menu you created, building a sequential record of who originated the interaction and to whom it was directed.


Watch the patterns of interaction and activity across the group emerge as an attractive dynamic sociogram, with each exchange colour coded to make the patterns easy to spot and understand.


Use the replay timer to select the extracts that you want to highlight, adjust replay speed to emphasise particular patterns, change the on-screen location of group members to focus on their individual activity patterns.


Link to a data projector as a focus for information-rich,whole-group discussions about group dynamics, or work from the iPad to coach individual analysis and development.


The app produces multiple graphs that provide whole-group and individualised data about the interactions that you have captured. Data for each individual relates to interactions they have originated, and interactions that were directed towards them.


Multiple data comparisons are available to you e.g. the same group at different stages of an extended development programme, the same group across different working or learning environments, or comparisons between different groups.


Screen shots of the graphs instantly appear in your iPad camera roll, ready for inclusion as images in reports or mailing as attachments. Alternatively the data from any recording can be exported from within the app as a CSV file that produces a spreadsheet in Excel or Numbers.